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Mawitaan / Morristown

Mawitaan (Morristown) is on the coast and is the capital city of Bangalla (Bangali). Mawitaan has had several names throughout the years including Moribar and Morristown. The town was called Moribar from the time the first Phantom swore the oath. During this time, the towns buildings looks Portuguese and Arabic in design and functionality.

During the 19th Century the English came and the name of the city changed to Morristown. Likely the name came from someone called Morris and the town was named after him.

After the countries independence from the British Empire the name was changed from Morristown to Mawitaan.

Today, the city is home to millions and is a thriving city and the central focus of the country. It is based on a large river / delta region and so has a great port area which was first used by the Portuguese / Arabs, then the English and now for imports and exports to the modern African nation.

Along with the major port, it includes a major train and airport network internationally but also domestically connecting other cities like Spyglass, Sanloi, Bengalitown and others.

Like any other modern city, there are posh suburbs, working class outer city suburbs, universities along with a slum poorer area called Bengete.

Note: There is no story currently that explains the name change from Morristown to Mawitaan. Phans have created the lore that it changed after independence - there is no evidence that Lee Falk did this on design.

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