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The Bandar are the only Jungle tribe that knows the Phantoms secrets and the Phantom knows their secret about the poison arrows, the source and even the antidote.

The Bandar was rescued by the first Phantom after being enslaved for multiple generations by the tall tribe Wasaka. During this origin the first Phantom also founded the poison which turned the Bandar from an enslaved tribe to the most feared tribe. The love between the tribe and the Phantoms is enormous - they would sacrifice themselves for the other.

The Bandar's village is in the Deep Woods near the Skull Cave. You have to go past the Skull Cave to get to the village. Another example of the Phantom protecting the Bandar.

The Bandar protect the entrance to the Deep Woods by a waterfall.

The Bandar use nonpoisonous arrows for hunting.

Only the chief knows the secret of the poison. The berries are only located in the Tawasu Valley located outside of the Deep Woods.

Lee Falk wrote that the berries only needed to be smashed up and dipped in arrows to be deadly. In a Team Fantomen story the berries needed to be boiled to be deadly. After boiled the colour is green.

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