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The Phantom is a Protector

Like any hero, The Phantom stands up for the weak, the oppressed, the downtrodden and those who need it. Generally the types of people are the jungle folk who are exploited.

Ways to contact the Phantom for help is: 

  • Cry out Phantom in the jungle

  • Use the jungle drums and ask for help

  • Use a third party like the Jungle Patrol, President Luaga, a jungle tribe or known friend of the Phantom

Protector - The Little Dectative Who Disappeared.JPG
Protector - The Beasts of the Phantoms Head.JPG
Protector - Kingdom of the Amazons.JPG
Protector - The Eastern Dark at Janorra.jpg
Protector - The Beachcomber.jpg
protector - The Great Webs of Spidera.JPG
Protector - The Escaped Convicts.JPG
protector - Death from the Sky.JPG
protector - Valley of No Return.JPG
Protector - The Trophy Bearer (The Stolen Cup).JPG
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