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Emmanuel Capistrano

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4th Phantom

Emmanuel Capistrano was a devout Jesuit priest who went to extraordinary lengths to prove himself and to make up for the torture he suffered at the hands of Protestant Christians during the European 30 year war.

He was a small man, not able to do any physical damage but has countless soldiers at his beck and call.

He dresses up in all black with a cowl to cover up the marks of him being tortured which has only fed his hatred.

He was responsible for tricking the Phantom and taking his skull ring off him not once but twice. He was led to believe that the ring was made from nails from Jesus crucifixion and molded into the ring. He believed that if he shot the Swedish king with the ring it would kill him and end the war.

It took the 5th Phantom to find the ring and caused great angst for the 4th who felt he had betrayed all Phantoms by having the ring stolen while in his possession.

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