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Cardinal Giovanni

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Interaction with Phantom
4th Phantom

Cardinal Giovanna eventually become the Pope but on her ceremony, she died from poison. She followed her previous lover into the ministry and excelled hiding herself as a man. While she excelled, she grew very bitter having to be a man to be the best she could be.

After her lover was poisoned, she met the 4th and they fell in love after her secret was exposed. They had relationship and she became pregnant. Giovanna would not give up her ministry to follow the Phantom and just become a wife even though they loved each other.

As she laid dying in the 4th Phantoms arm, she realised she should have followed the Phantom. She was buried in Italy, the dead child was taken back to the skull cave.

Giovanna was a capable women. Attractive, able to knock out the Phantom with a wine bottle and very smart. Smart enough to fool men and eventually almost become Pope.

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