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This "Phantom Bible” is for creators and publishers around the world!

What it is:

A clearly set out reference guide to accepted Phantom Lore and The Phantom Universe. Includes titles, pictures and explanations. Information is garnered from KFS licensed stories, primarily Daily/Sunday Newspaper stories and Team Fantomen stories.


Where there are major discrepancies between the Newspaper and Team Fantomen stories, these have been noted. The Bible tries and solve any contradictions with what makes the most sense and is accepted as lore by the majority of phans. 

Who it is for:

Too many creators and publishers are left in the dark on what and who The Phantom is. He is not Tarzan dressed up in purple or a jungle Batman. The aim is to help creators of all levels of experience with the character, from first-timers to old hands. 

If you're a creator wanting to know which Phantom married who, which Phantom was alive during a certain time period, some of their major antagonists or even about each Phantoms personality - this Phantom bible is for you.


What it’s not:

An encyclopedia. There’s the brilliant Phantom Wiki for that. This is not info on creators, publishers and issues. We include the Phantom Wiki link for characters, Phantoms, locations etc. which will list the stories and comic issues in which they appear.


The goal of bible is:

To compile and create a record of accepted Phantom lore and history, so that future stories stay consistent with what has gone before.

One of the greatest elements of The Phantom is also its greatest challenge - depicting a dynasty hero that has existed in real life for almost 500 years. To exist in real life, there needs to be certain consistencies. Phantom phans are among the best in the world at spotting inconsistencies and they do not like them!


We're hoping to help creators produce new stories that phans will love because they fit within the universe.

Hosted by

Edits: Jermayn Parker, Duncan Munro, Dan Fraser, Mikael Lyck, Tony DePaul, Ankit Mitra

If you would like to contribute, have further questions or want to help the team , contact us at

Reference material available:

Chronicle Chamber has a depository of ALL of the newspaper Phantom stories, most USA stories and over 500 Frew and Team Fantomen stories. These are for reference use only. Contact us at for access. 

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